Yoga For Vitality

Yoga For Vitality

Chiropractic Wellington NZ Yoga For Vitality

With the cooler weather settling in we can start to feel a bit stiff and sluggish. The great news is you can make small, simple changes to help enhance your movement and boost vitality through the colder months.

The beginning of winter is always a good time to reassess whether we are moving our bodies enough for optimising our physical and mental health. When it comes to movement, there are two basic types, segmental (each joint) and global (whole body).

Your Chiropractic adjustments are mainly focused on enhancing segmental mobility and your Chiropractor will have recommended specific stretches to reinforce these patterns. Many practice members recognise some of the stretches to be similar to yoga.

Surprisingly enough, Chiropractic and Yoga have a lot in common.

  • Focus on moving the body towards proper alignment
  • Relieve and stretch tense muscles
  • Promote balance, and improve segmental movement
  • Creating a body that is more vital and less susceptible to future injury.

When both are made a part of your wellness routine, you will find results are better than when doing either alone. Not only does Yoga complement the segmental movement from Chiropractic, Yoga also enhances global movement therefore it counts towards your weekly active minutes!

There are many different types and levels of Yoga, make sure you try a few different styles and teachers to find the right fit for you. There are many local classes and online options.

If you are completely new to Yoga, the best idea is to sign up for a local or online course to get the basics, or start with a simple 10 minute daily practice.

At Chiropractic Balance, we are here to help you on your wellness journey to a healthier and happier you. Book in with us for your next adjustment and be sure to share with us how you are going with your Yoga journey!




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