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Our spine is designed to move for most of the day in activities that use both sides of the body evenly. Unfortunately, not many jobs meet these criteria and the result can be poor posture, injuries, and pain. Our chiropractic clinic in Porirua NZ can help.

Chiropractic and Working Posture in Porirua NZ

Do you:

  • Get discomfort from spending most of your day seated or driving?
  • Catch yourself in uncomfortable postures during the workday?
  • Feel like you stiffen up when you sit down after a busy day?
  • Find you lose concentration or energy at work due to physical discomfort?

Frequently the underlying cause is an imbalance of the spine and nerves (subluxation) and it is unlikely to get better on its own (1). Medication may reduce the pain but it often doesn't solve the real problem.

Chiropractic Care Can Help

The good news helps is at hand. Spinal imbalances are what our Porirua NZ Chiropractors specialize in identifying and correcting.

We want to improve your posture, reduce your discomfort and keep you like that so that your workday is more enjoyable and productive.

At your first visit, we will review your history and do a thorough examination to see if the imbalance is affecting your working posture. If it is, we will begin working on correcting it. But we don't stop there, we examine the rest of your spine and body to see if it's contributing to your imbalance and look at your lifestyle for what might have caused the imbalance in the first place. We help you focus on making supportive changes that can include workplace ergonomics, exercise, nutrition, posture, and wellbeing.

(1) 2020. Vertebral Subluxation » New Zealand Chiropractors' Association. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 15 April 2020].


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