What Chiropractic Techniques Do We Use in Porirua NZ?


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Chiropractors are specifically trained to find areas of imbalance in the spine. Your chiropractor will analyse your posture, range of motion, muscles, and spinal joints to understand where you may have imbalance, and how to best address these areas through chiropractic techniques in Porirua NZ.

How Chiropractors Help You In Porirua NZ

Chiropractors perform gentle and specific adjustments into the spine to restore proper spinal and nervous system function, to help your body heal and function the way it is designed to.

At Chiropractic Balance, your Chiropractor may use many different techniques to adjust the spine. These involve using the hands, specialised tools, and the table. Each patient is evaluated at the initial examination to determine what combination of techniques are most appropriate for them.

Sacro-Occipital Technique, Diversified, and Activator are the techniques the chiropractors use at Chiropractic Balance.

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Sacro-Occipital technique looks at the relationship between the occiput and the sacrum, it uses indicators to determine where an adjustment may be needed. It also utilises visceral procedures to normalise organ function and addresses cranial imbalances. This technique doesn’t require any ‘cracking’ or manual adjustments of the joint.

Diversified is the most common chiropractic technique, it involves the chiropractor using gentle manual pressure in areas of imbalance to help restore normal movement and function. This does involve manipulation that is commonly associated with Chiropractic.

The Activator is an instrument that allows chiropractors to deliver quick, low-force impulses into the areas of imbalance.

Chiropractors are specifically trained to check and adjust people of all ages, from newborns to elderly. Your chiropractor will modify their technique to best suit you, they use a range of skills to help everyone from pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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Chiropractor Porirua NZ Henisha Tailor Adjusting Baby

At Chiropractic Balance, our goal is to support our community so that you are able to get the most out of your life and reach your health goals. If you would like to experience the benefits of chiropractic care, check out our New Patient Special Offer or get in touch at info@chirobalance.co.nz to learn more about how we can best help you.


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