4 Tips To Change Your Perspective & Deal With Mental Blocks in Porirua NZ

4 Tips To Change Your Perspective & Deal With Mental Blocks In Porirua NZ?

Chiropractic Porirua NZ 4 Tips To Change Your Perspective & Build A Healthy Mindset

Your perspective shapes how you perceive the world and influences your daily decisions. It's important to realise that your perspective can become deeply ingrained, leading to mental blocks that restrict your potential for healing and health. Contact our Porirua NZ chiropractic clinic today to learn more.

Here are four tips to change your perspective and deal with mental blocks to increase vitality when facing any health challenge whether it’s back pain, headaches, high blood pressure, or weight gain.

1. Pay Attention to Self-Talk In Porirua NZ

Be mindful of the negative self-talk and excuses that hold you back. Identify limiting beliefs and create turnaround statements that feel empowering.

For example, replace "I'm no good at sticking to things" with "I'm working on getting better at sticking to things."

Or “I’ve always had a bad back” with “Everyday I take action to improve my back”

Repeat these ‘turnaround’ statements regularly to change your actions and create a new reality.

2. Fight Fear

Focusing on the end goal can be daunting and paralysing. Instead of focusing solely on the end outcome, take baby steps towards your goals.

For example, if you do no exercise, a marathon may seem impossible. However commiting to walking for 15 minutes three times a week is a baby step.

Start with small actions that gradually challenge you and build your confidence. Celebrate each small win and reward yourself to stay motivated.

Each step forward reinforces your belief in your ability to change.

3. Resistance

Creating new habits can be challenging as change often faces resistance, even when the change is beneficial. Common reasons for resistance often include a perception that it will require a lot of work, time or energy.

To help overcome resistance consider:

  • Make a pro vs. con list to evaluate if the change is a worthwhile investment of your time and energy.
  • Make the behaviour easy to start. The simpler it is to initiate the behaviour, the more likely you'll follow through.
  • Remove any unnecessary barriers that hinder the change. Ensure convenience by eliminating obstacles that may discourage you from taking action.

4. Contemplate On What’s Motivating You To Change (Your WHY)

When you invest time in understanding your motivations and reasons for change, you increase the likelihood of making the necessary adjustments to see improvements.

For example, feeling stronger to be able to keep up with your kids, or sleeping better to have more energy at work, or losing weight to increase confidence.

Write down ‘your why’ and put it somewhere you can see daily to keep you on track.

Changing your perspective can reduce mental blocks and change your actions, but it doesn’t appear immediately. You will likely have to push through the period of time when you feel unmotivated to create a habit. Once the routine has been set, the motivation to continue to take action becomes easier as you experience the benefits of your actions.


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