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The True Secret to Long Term Health

After just two short years at ChiroBalance, we have learnt a lot about health: how people lose health, how they regain health, and how to keep people inspired to maintain long term health.

Although 730 days is not that long in terms of a persons entire lifetime, it is definitely long enough to see significant changes in many of our practice members overall health and quality of life. 

Every month hundreds of people come into our two centres and recieve the best Chiropractic care we can deliver (& we are always aiming to be better), 

Why do your kids need to see a Chiropractor?

10 reasons parents take their children to see a Chiropractor: 1.      To increase their chances of good spinal posture as they grow 2.      To boost their immune system potentially reducing the frequency of colds & ear-aches 3.      To assist with alleviating colic and Irritable Baby Syndrome 4.      To help with asthma, breathing, digestion & allergies…

Love your Spine Day, you only get one so learn how to use it wisely

Love your Spine Day (it was yesterday!) You only get one of these guys so find out how you can love it more and use it wisely. 

The Real Reason Why People see a Chiropractor.

The real reason people come to Chiropractic Balance, bring their families, and stay under regular care for a lifetime is because they want to have health and quality of life. When chiropractic care is combined with the seminar program our practice members are no longer victims of their situation, they have the power to take control and choose the destiny of their life and health. 

If you are one of these people make sure you take advantage our our seminars. With a 30 minute investment of your time a fortnight I will arm you with the most effective tools and all the inspiration to live the best life possible. Very few places offer any program like this, and those who attend tell me it is always a highlight in their week. 

7 Habits to extend your lifespan

If you want to be healthier and live longer, here are seven habits that were discovered as part of a study initiated in Alameda County California in 1965. This study followed people for two decades and came to an astounding realisation, that there were seven consistent habits that showed up over and over again in…

Stress related to 95% of Diseases

What is Stress doing to your health? Stress is a real life issue for us all as the latest research proves STRESS is related to 95% of all diseases. We all ask the question ‘how do I get rid of stress in my life?’ to which the answer seems impossible in today’s fast paced society.…