The Real Reason Why People see a Chiropractor.

Join us to empower yourself to take control of the direction of your health and life.

When I first graduated I thought I knew why people first seek a Chiropractor. I thought I knew why people continued to come back, bring in their children and refer their friends. I thought I knew why people chose to have a regular chiropractic adjustment as part of their lifestyle. But it turns out I didn't.

‘Why are you here today, how can I help?’ is a question I routinely ask on your first visit.

‘It’s my back pain’, ‘It’s the headaches’, ‘It’s this ache in my arm’

I figured I could best help by getting rid of their symptom. Then I discovered that the symptoms aren't actually the problem; the back pain, headaches or aching arm is the alarm to let you know that your body is out of balance.

If your oil light comes on in your car, would you chop the wire going to your oil light or would you ask why the oil light has come on?

If I only get rid of their pain and don’t actually sort out the imbalance (the cause of the pain); then that person is never going to have a chance to get to truly get healthy, energetic and enjoy the highest quality of life. Plus the pain (the alarm) will most likely come again.

These days, when I read the details and I see that someone has back pain and it’s been going on for 5 months or 5 years, I ask ‘Why after 5 months or 5 years are you deciding to do something about this? Why now?'. What is it about now that has motivated them to make a change.

‘I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired’

‘I haven’t felt alive for years’

‘I want to get the more out of life, now and in the future’

‘I need help to make changes so that I can be fit, healthy & energetic again’

The pain is really just the tip of the iceberg for a much deeper problem under the surface. When I get one of these answers, my first response is ‘Great. You’re in the right place’.

At Chiropractic Balance we know that one of the major keys to revitalising and balancing the body is to ensure that the power is on (like any electrical appliance). It's the brain that runs the body, and the power from the brain travels down the spine, and out between each of the spinal bones.

To ensure that a person’s power is on and flowing, the spine must be moving freely to ensure this power can reach its final destination in the body. Chiropractors analyse your spine for any interference with the power flow, and address this through a manual adjustment to ensure you are super charged.

I see miracles every day from turning people’s power back on through Chiropractic adjustments, I am in constant awe of the power the body has to heal itself when it is unleashed. However I realised that the same problems often come back, as it is what a person is doing in their lifestyle that causes the imbalance in the first place.

I was helping people function better and feel better but the results weren’t as long lasting as I hoped for. That’s when I realised we need to look at the cause of the problem, our lifestyle- How we Eat, Move and Think.

When you come to Chiropractic Balance, you have many different goals. If you are one of the majority you begin to realise that what you really want is a better chance at being as fit, healthy and energetic not just this year, but for all your years to come.

The solution to bridge the gap? For years I have worked daily on learning and applying different lifestyle habits in how to eat, move and think. I have learnt what works and what doesn’t.

Through this research we have developed the opportunity for you to become empowered and take control of your health and life. We achieve this with our truly unique 'Half-Hour to Health' fortnightly seminar series.

The series is designed to 'bridge the gap' between utilising health professionals like a Chiropractor, on a regular basis to ensure optimal health AND knowing what to do outside of the Chiropractor's practice to maximise results, longevity and quality of life. We answer the question of what to do when your oil light (symptoms) comes on in your body.

Research proves that the days of expecting someone else to cure all of your ills is not the answer. The solution lies in the balance of working with your health professional and taking responsibility for your lifestyle. The best news is that the results are truly outstanding and last a lifetime.

The real reason people come to Chiropractic Balance, bring their families, and stay under regular care for a lifetime is because they want to have health and quality of life. When chiropractic care is combined with the seminar program our practice members are no longer victims of their situation, they have the power to take control and choose the destiny of their life and health.

If you are one of these people make sure you take advantage our our seminars. With a 30 minute investment of your time a fortnight I will arm you with the most effective tools and all the inspiration to live the best life possible. Very few places offer any program like this, and those who attend tell me it is always a highlight in their week.

Our next seminar is on October 2nd at 7pm and is focused on 'Seven secrets to de-stress your life'. We will be covering simple, easy to apply strategies to assist you in coping optimally with the stress in your life. You will laugh, be motivated, learn and maybe even shed a tear. Most importantly you will walk away with changes you can implement in your life immediately.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible realise where truth health comes from, we welcome you to bring a guest to give the world the best chance at reaching optimal health this year and beyond.

Contact us at or phone (04) 233 8705 to confirm your place and look forward to being fitter, healthier and more energetic tomorrow.