Love your Spine Day, you only get one so learn how to use it wisely

Yesterday was World Spine Day, the day to remind us to look after this amazing creation that protects the lifeline that runs our body; and that allows us to be mobile and upright.

Where would we be without our spine? Some sort of mushy puddle on the ground is my guess. But did you hear about Love your Spine day? Unless you received the NZ Chiropractor's Association press release, chances are that you heard more about how the Beyonce concert went last night than World Spine Day. So here is my bit to add a voice to the global campaign for spinal awareness.

At Chiropractic Balance we know that the key to better health can be remembered by our weather vane metaphor. N (north) is for Nutrition, W (west) is for Wellbeing & Mind, E (east) is for exercise, and S (south) is for structure. By working on all four of these areas regularly, we give our body the best chance and getting and staying healthy.

On world spine day the focus is on the Exercise & Structure, by encouraging more activity in everyday life. Each additional step you take means you are a little bit closer to a healthier spine and a healthier spine is the lynchpin for overall health and wellbeing. Research is showing us that we are relying too much on pharmaceutical drugs with dangerous side effects, and reducing the efficacy, for example, of antibiotics, when what many of us need to do is take steps to improve our health and wellbeing.

Each year World Spine Day is observed to encourage spinal health by disseminating information on good spinal health habits. At Chiropractic Balance we are helping you get healthier this World Spine Day by running a half-hour-to-health seminar 'Better Posture for Life'. In this seminar on Wednesday 23rd October at 7pm, you will have fun while being inspired to make changes to your habits for better posture and better health.  

In addition, a great online resource provided by the NZCA is Straighten Up New Zealand ( This provides you with a three minute set of simple exercises to do every day in order to improve posture, stabilise core muscle groups, enhance health and prevent spinal disability.

NZCA represenative Dr Hayden Thomas explains: ‘Spinal health problems were once seen as an affliction of older people; however, it is becoming more and more common among children and adolescents.

There are a number of reasons for this including increased use of computers, watching television and playing computer games, which have been linked with poor posture, neck and back pain and dysfunction and headaches. Poorly designed school furniture and inappropriate backpack use, carrying weights of more than 10% of body weight, could also be to blame.

You may be able to replace your hip or your teeth, but you only get one spine. Learn how to look after it today and enjoy better health tomorrow.