7 Habits to extend your lifespan

If you want to be healthier and live longer, here are seven habits that were discovered as part of a study initiated in Alameda County California in 1965. This study followed people for two decades and came to an astounding realisation, that there were seven consistent habits that showed up over and over again in those who lived the longest, with the best health.

Known as the "Alameda Seven," the habits are:

1.  Eating breakfast daily

2.  Sleeping at least 7-8 hours a night

3.  Regular exercise

4.  Maintaining desirable weight for height

5.  Avoid snacks

6.  No smoking

7.  Drinking less than five alcoholic drinks at one sitting

While this doesn't seem very glamorous, adopting these habits are likely to extend your life and improve the quality of your life too. Developing such everyday practices has been documented over forty years to have a profound positive influence on the expression of your health, so why not pick one or two this month to work on improving.

It's something you can do for very little money with a minimal investment in time and energy, to make your life that much better.

A word to the wise is sufficient: Make good decisions, and you will be healthier, feel better and live longer!

Original Research Article http://www.icpsr.umich.edu/icpsrweb/ICPSR/studies/06688