Stress related to 95% of Diseases

What is Stress doing to your health?

Stress is a real life issue for us all as the latest research proves STRESS is related to 95% of all diseases.

We all ask the question ‘how do I get rid of stress in my life?’ to which the answer seems impossible in today’s fast paced society.

Albert Einstein is famous for saying, “Solutions are easy if you ask the right question.”

Rather than get rid of stress, Dr Roz Griffiths of Chiropractic Balance Mana asks “How can we cope better with stress in our life?”

Roz believes there are many simple strategies that can be adapted to a modern lifestyle.

“The first thing to understand is that our bodies were designed over 50,000 years ago and the stress response is a survival mode also known as ‘flight or fight’.”

“Back then the main stress was fighting something or running away from it, and this wasn’t every moment of the day”.

“Today stress comes in many more forms including everything from financial, time constraints, self-image issues and commuting! These never-ending low-grade stresses mean that our bodies are constantly using the survival mode.”

Roz understands that by taking time to stop each day we can successfully turn off this survival mode, and restore our body’s ability to heal and repair. This
minimises the devastating effects the constant ‘flight or fight’ state has on our health.

By prioritising and scheduling time to ‘switch off’ each day, we give our bodies a much better chance at coping with our 50,000 year old DNA in the 20th

Our workshop on 31st July: 7 Secrets to De-Stressing your Life, will give you a whole bunch of tools and inspiration to cope better with the stress in
your life. Speak to Roz or to book your spot today.