How to Create a Purposeful 5-Minute Pause

JULY Mindfulness Month - Week One

At Chirobalance we are all about helping you heal, get out of pain and have a great life.

What we are finding is that patients who have something that regularly helps them ‘TUNE-IN’ to the moment and ‘TUNE-OUT’ from daily demands get better faster and stay that way longer (and often they are a lot happier about life too).

Most of us know we need to BE PRESENT more but we get busy with life and it falls off the radar. 

Research shows we are most effective, happiest & heal the fastest when we are focused on the present but the majority of people spend most of their day focused on the past or the future!
This is why we benefit from a PURPOSEFUL 5-MINUTE PAUSE. This is so simple but often the hardest thing to do.

Five minutes of no talking, no devices, and no distractions! Here are some tips to help:

  • Schedule a time to do it
    • Make it the same time every day (if the same time doesn't work, decide the night before when will suit for the following day)
  • Choose one option below (or your own idea), stick with it for 7 days to really get an idea of how it feels (often it will feel strange for the first couple of days).
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Five ways to have a PURPOSEFUL 5-MINUTE PAUSE

  1. Connect with nature: Spend the 5 minutes being with natureSit still outside in the fresh air. Having your bare feet on grass or sand is also great (but not very realistic in July in Wellington!)
    • If it’s too cold to be outside, look out your window at the view or look at a blazing fire
    • On your drive home, park your car in a scenic spot and sit there for 5 minutes
  2. Guided Meditation: This helps focus your mind, try one or more of these:
  3. Mindful Colouring or Drawing
  4. Listen to relaxing music
    • It is often relaxing to get ‘lost’ in music. Alternatively if you already know how to play an instrument, you can often get lost playing it (don’t use this 5 minutes to attempt to learn an instrument!)
  5. Simple & Repetitive Crafts
    • Crafts can be a very mindful and calming, weaving, knitting and beading are popular. They are simple and repetitive, so it’s easy for all learners to give them a try.

Commit to giving this 5 minutes each day for the entire week, it will be worth your while. Join our facebook group to get notified about Week Two's tool- Mindfully Scheduling your day for best results. Give yourself the gift of being the best version of YOU!