Week 3 – Time-To-Tone Up Month – Skipping

Skipping has to be one of the cheapest forms of exercises available. You need minimal equipment, minimal space and you can practice just about anywhere — indoors or out. Skipping serves as a whole body workout and incorporates all your muscles groups. This is perfect for toning up this summer. A key part whilst doing these exercises is to keep your core engaged. You want to consider how your skipping. Try not to be hunched over, but stay upright and try not to rely on your visual senses when skipping but have a rhythm that you follow.


Because skipping is a high impact activity, you need to consider your setup before starting:

  • Wear suitable footwear - do not do this in bare feet.
  • If skippin is aggravating your knees, try a more forgiving surface such as grass or a rubber mat.
  • Have water handy for your breaks and remember to breathe!


When skipping you want to keep a loose grip on the rope with relaxed fingers. The movement should come from your wrists not your shoulders. Also, it's easy to think you need to be jumping really high, but you don't. Skipping is an endurance exercise so you want to conserve your energy and only jump high enough for the rope to pass underneath you. You will just tire yourself out really quickly trying to jump high and even potentially injury yourself.

Here's a few ideas about a Level 1 and Level 2 routine. You can mix it up however you want but I think 30secs is a good time to jump, as you can focus on engaging your core and getting a good rhythm established.

Level 1 - 2 minute routine

Basic Jump 30 secs

Rest 30 secs

Skiers 30 secs

Rest 30 secs

Basic Jump 30 secs                                                                        

Rest 30 secs

Skiers 30 secs

Endurance 30 secs

* If you are finding this routine easy you can just add another 30secs of the Basic Jump and Skiers with a 30sec gap in between.

Level 2 - 4 minute routine

Basic Jump 30 secs -     Rest 30 secs

Skiers 30 secs  - Rest 30 secs

Basic Jump 30 secs - Rest 30 secs

Side Straddle 30 secs - Rest 30 secs

Basic Jump 30  secs - Rest 30 secs

Skiers 30 secs - Rest 30 secs

Basic Jump 30 secs - Rest 30 secs


Level 1 Moves

Basic Jump

Swing the rope over your head and jump as it passes your feet (near right illustration).

You don’t have to jump high, just enough to clear the rope (far right). Land evenly on both feet.







Jump side to side, feet together.






                                     Level 2 Moves

Side straddle

Jump feet hip-width apart and then in. Try for 30secs and rest for 30secs. If this is easy try side straddle for 1min then rest 30secs. Always listen to your body and stop when required.






Endurance Jump

Do either the basic jump or the alternate-foot jump for five minutes. If you can’t keep it up that long, start by jumping for one minute, resting for one minute, and repeating for five sets. Aim to complete at least 600 jumps total.





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