Are you merely surviving instead of thriving?

Chiropractic offers a different way of thinking and approaching health. We recognise that the power that made your body also heals your body. And that this power is coordinated through the beautifully complex nervous system. We know that an optimally functioning spine and nervous system can help make the difference between you surviving or thriving.


When someone first visits our practice we have an in depth discussion about their health history as well as where they want to go on their health journey and what that means for them. We talk about how one’s current state of health is a result of present day habits in conjunction with events and habits from their past.


Most people who present to us initially are in a state of “less than ideal health”. And through the thorough examination we carry out on the first visit and subsequent re-evaluations, it is easy to get lost in the results that show your body might not be working as efficiently as it is intended to.


Whilst it is important for us and you to have these important measures of how your brain and body are functioning. I also want to highlight that any less than ideal results do not show a system that is faulty but rather one that is appropriately adapting to the environment it has been living in. At certain phases in your life the accumulation of stressors in your body and environment (be them physical, chemical or mental) have exceeded your own innate levels of resilience. Your brain and body have therefore adapted to what can be referred to as a survival mode. Whilst that may have been necessary during that period, if you’re continually operating in survival mode (even after changes to your stressors and environment) then your body is unable to adequately grow, develop and thrive.


You may often hear me use the analogy that likens your health to a bank account. If you have a combination and accumulation of less than ideal lifestyle habits this is akin to making too many withdrawals from your health account. When you are in survival mode (that may or may not involve your body expressing symptoms) it means that you have more than likely had an imbalance of withdrawals to deposits. So to get your body doing better and thriving it involves looking at what may constitute healthy deposits for you. Our focus in your chiropractic visits is always on improving your nervous system function by working with the structural alignment and movement of your spine. In addition to that we have a wealth of resources at your disposal to be guided on what other lifestyle modifications may help you to get the most out of life.

As covered in my last blog, Chiropractic improves your brain's awareness of your body and your surroundings. Through better connection and perception you can start to be more aware of the ’survival’ habits that you may still be operating in and therefore start to make the changes towards a state of ‘thriving’.


This time of year is often a chance to reflect on the year that was and set goals for the year to come. What choices were you making that could have led to you surviving rather than thriving? What choices can you make for 2018 to be a healthier year for you?