Tips On Keeping Active At Your Desk, Sitting Tips For Better Posture And Ideal Sleeping Posture in Porirua NZ

Tips On Keeping Active At Your Desk, Sitting Tips For Better Posture And Ideal Sleeping Posture in Porirua NZ

Chiropractic Porirua NZ Back Pain At Desk

Four solutions to the common pain and fatigues problems with sitting posture in Porirua NZ. Unfortunately, a posture that many of us have to adopt for long periods is sitting. Sitting isn’t great for your body and spine. Here's our four solutions to the most common problems we see that can lead to pain and fatigue.


Slumping in lumbar spine

  • Occurs commonly when sitting at the front of a chair or working sitting on the couch
  • Solution: Move your bottom to back of chair, use a lumbar roll or cushion on sofa
Chiropractor Porirua NZ Roz Griffiths Sitting Posture

Head looking down

  • Occurs commonly when looking down at laptop, phone or device
  • Solution: Get separate monitor or lift laptop up and get wireless keyboard, hold phone at eye height

Sitting with neck twisted

  • Occurs commonly when using two screens or more
  • Solution: Get a chair on wheels, rotate body towards screen you are using

Tension building up in shoulders

  • Occurs commonly when you are holding up the weight of your arms
  • Solution: Desk height that allows arms to rest with a 90 deg elbow angle, or arm rests on chair that do the same

Four Solutions to Keeping your body Active whilst at a Desk

Your body is not designed to be stationary for long periods, except whilst sleeping. If you are like many people and have a desk job, here are four best ways to add movement to your day

Get a sit-stand desk

  • Use it in the mornings and when you are doing easy tasks
  • As you get more tired or do difficult tasks, sit down
  • Aim to build up to stand for 3x longer than sitting
  • Get a standing desk for home too!
Chiropractor Porirua NZ Roz Griffiths Sitting Postur

Sit (or put feet) on something unstable

  • Exercise ball, posture cushion, wobble board for feet
  • Keeps muscles firing a little

Take posture breaks every hour

  • Breathe in, roll shoulders back, bend backward over chair, hold for a few seconds
  • Straighten legs, flex ankles, place one ankle on opposite knee and lean forward
  • Or create your own posture break routine!

Activate your core regularly

  • Whilst sitting in your chair, activate core (tighten tummy muscles) and flatten lower back against chair
  • When sitting down or getting up from chair, don't use your arms, instead switch on core and use leg muscles

Four Solutions to Common Sleeping Posture Issues

Sleeping is one of the biggest complaints we get from people with spinal pain. Here’s the four most common issues we see:

Front sleepers

  • Solution: Work on sleeping on side/back when you feel good. It often gets easier once you have been adjusted regularly or recently.

Side sleepers with pillows that are too big or small

  • Get a pillow that is the width of your shoulders, ideally with two different heights so can use other side for back sleeping
Chiropractic Porirua NZ Sleeping Positions

Mattresses that are too soft and allow sag in the spine

  • Firmest mattresses are better for spines, get the firmest mattress that you find comfortable.

Curling shoulders into neck

  • Solution: Keep your shoulders away from neck by using a contoured pillow or cuddle a pillow with your arms.


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