Winter has approached and with it comes the ski season. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is important to be prepared before you hit the slopes. Skiing can leave your body in rough shape if you are not properly equipped.

Can skiing cause back pain?

As anyone who hits the slopes regularly can tell you yes skiing will place heavy physical demands on your body — especially the spine. Skiing engages your entire core and low back. If your core and low back muscles aren’t quite strong enough to support this strain or isn’t getting the right nerve communication to these muscles due to imbalances in the spine it could possibly lead to injury and pain. You may also find your self injuring your back white trying to break a fall when skiing on a bumpy ground.


5 things to do before hitting the ski field this season:


Get Strong: The stronger you are prior to hitting the slopes, the safer you’ll be with regard to decreasing the chances of injury and muscle soreness in the following days.
-Lower body exercises such as squats, lunges and glute bridges are helpful in keeping your legs ready for the workout.
-Your core muscles are important for keeping your spine in check. A weak core can leave you unsupported and more prone to injury. Try implementing the Superman Pose or a Plank to gain stability. Hold each pose as long as you can and time it. It is also rewarding to monitor your progress.

Be Flexible: Flexibility is important, but before stretching with the temperature being so cold I recommend warming up with a gentle jog. Once you are warmed up do a solid stretch session not forgetting hamstrings, quads, calves and gluts.

Keep Warm: Keep the muscles warm and the circulation active. If you stop to take breaks, do a few body weight squats and lunges, and even five minutes of stretching, before you resume riding the mountain. The breaks you take inside for a hot drink or lunch cause the muscles to cool down, so you need to start that warm-up process over again.

Know your limits: Be sure to stick to slopes you know you can safely ski down without injuring yourself and always listen to your body.

Get adjusted: If your spine is not well aligned it could increase your chances of having an injury.

Chiropractic and The Ride

Chiropractic works with the spine and your nervous system. The mobility of your spine can encourage or interfere with the ability of your nervous system to function optimally. All the muscles and joints you need to move properly while skiing (or doing anything) are a result of how well your nervous system is functioning. If you have imbalances in your spine then your nervous system can be inhibited. Your performance on the slope will not be what it potentially could be and you could be more prone to injury.

Getting a chiropractic adjustment before your ski trip can set you up for improved performance and a decrease in the risk of an injury that ends your ski season.


So make sure get out there this season, have fun, be safe and enjoy the fresh mountain air.