How Long Do I Need Chiropractic Care?

In reality there is no right answer to the question of how long you need chiropractic care because every situation is different. If patient A tweaked her lower back picking up a basket of laundry and patient B injured several cervical vertebrae in a car accident, the treatment plans and lengths will be quite different.

The only way to really know for sure is to have an initial examination with a chiropractor and start your care plan. It is not uncommon for different people to respond differently to the same adjustments, so even if two people have the same issue the treatment length can vary. Most of the time chiropractors will recommend regular adjustments until the patient reaches their goals (often to be out of pain or functioning optimally), then it’s up to you if you want to continue maintenance care.

The length of time it takes to eliminate your back pain, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, or whatever is ailing you depends on the severity of the problem and your own physical make up. If you are in good physical condition and take care of yourself, you’ll probably heal faster than someone who doesn’t.

Benefits of Long-Term Maintenance


When you visit our practice for ongoing chiropractic care, it can actually help you strengthen your problem area to help prevent an injury from reoccurring. Regular adjustments also keep your body balanced and in tune, allowing for better healing and correction of new spinal problems to avoid a relapse.


Let’s face it—a lot of us sit for most of our day. You might not notice immediate problems from over-sitting, but down the line your posture could suffer. When your posture is compromised, this can lead to other issues like sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and more. Get ahead of these issues by opting for chiropractic care before you develop a problem.


Many of our practice members after feeling what constitutes “normal” can tell when they need an adjustment. We can do more than just bring you out of pain—we help our patients continue to live the life they desire without problems through health optimisation. This doesn’t mean we need to see someone for an adjustment every day or even every week—sometimes a once a month “tune up” can be ideal.

Sometimes people think that once you begin chiropractic care for a specific health issue you must continue with getting adjusted forever. However as our practice members here at Chiropractic Balance know, how often you want to come, and whether you chose to come regularly or sporadically is always up to you. Our belief is that to be in best health you need to do four things on a regular basis: Exercise, eat well, think well and look after your spine, brain and posture.