The Chiropractic Care Journey in Porirua NZ

What does a Chiropractor Do in Porirua NZ?

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Your body knows what to do as long as there is no interference.

Chiropractor’s actions in Porirua NZ are straightforward. Find any area in the body where the trillions of nerve signals traveling every second between your brain and body are being blocked (this is called a subluxation complex) and unblock them scientifically and specifically (this is called an adjustment). Your body knows what to do from there.

What are the Phases of Care in Porirua NZ?

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Stabilisation Care: When people come to our centre, there is often something about their body which is not functioning as optimally as they would like. The Chiropractor will examine them and usually find subluxations (which show up as imbalances in your neuromusculoskeletal system) that may be interfering with the body's ability to run and heal itself. The adjustment aims to reduce the subluxations that are causing interference and encourage your body towards balance.

Like learning any new habit, your body will likely revert back to the imbalanced positions to begin with. Although many people feel a lot of symptomatic relief within a few adjustments, it commonly takes 1-6 months of regular care to actually see changes in your musculoskeletal patterns.

Frequently when someone wants to get into the best balance for them, we will recommend a 12 session program over a 6-18 week period combined with stretches, ergonomics and other specific lifestyle recommendations.

Regeneration Care: After completing Stabilisation Care, your ongoing adjustments reinforce the new patterns. Just like ongoing regular exercise to keep fit, most people benefit from ongoing Chiropractic adjustments. As your body learns the new patterns and your lifestyle habits improve, many people can increase the time between visits and continue to maintain and even improve further.

Regeneration care takes around 3 months to 2 years. After this period of time, your body will likely be in best balance for you.

Optimisation Care: Just like anything that you use regularly, the body needs routine servicing. A chiro check up helps remove ongoing interference, move towards balance and keep a person able to adapt to change. Once a person gets to Optimisation care, they have a good awareness of how often they need to get a Chiropractic adjustment. We see many families including babies and children, who choose to include ongoing Chiropractic check-ups as part of a healthy lifestyle.

If you would like to benefit from Chiropractic Care, we are here to support you and your family with your health goals, no matter what phase of care you require.

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