Chiropractic and Walking 

You would have probably been told a number of times by us to go for a walk around the block after your adjustment.

The reason we do this is because when we walk more than 200 individual muscles springing into action which includes all of the muscles in your spine and pelvic area so it is an excellent compliment to the chiropractic adjustment.

Walking is a simple, inexpensive and easy activity with many benefits for health and general wellbeing.  Here are 5 good reasons why.


It is a low impact exercise and very gentle on the back. Avoid walking on uneven surfaces to keep it low impact and avoid injury.


Walking increases circulation throughout your body, including your spine. This ensures that you have a continual flow of blood to the muscles and nutrients to the spine. Soft tissues are nourished and enriched while harmful toxins are drained away. This makes you stronger whilst also making it easier to exercise. Essentially, the more you walk, the easier it is to walk.


As walking increases circulation, flexibility and mobility are enhanced. When combined with light stretching-provided by your chiropractor, walking can increase flexibility and a better range of motion. This has the added benefits of reducing the risk of injury and improving posture.


During the day movement and gravity causes compression of your spinal discs, squeezing out the water that fills the discs so they provide a cushion or your vertebrae. The increased circulation that comes from walking also helps to move vital water to the area.The discs absorb this water, rehydrating them so they can continue to do their job as shock absorbers for the spinal column. This is also a great case for staying well hydrated by drinking lots of water not only while you walk, but also throughout the day.


Extra body weight can cause significant stress on the spine. Abdominal fat can create excess weight in the front, causing a weak core and swayback effect in the spine. This puts pressure on the lower back, resulting in pain in that area.

The spine is part of the body’s core and the muscles that surround the spine aid in balance and movement. When excess weight is present those muscles become strained as they must work harder to maintain balance. Walking helps with weight management and weight loss eliminating or reducing the effects of excessive weight.


We are so lucky living in New Zealand having such beautiful walking tracks at our door steps. If you need more motivation, make it a social thing with a friend, do meetings walking, invest in a fitbit or take your dog!

By combining walking with chiropractic care, you are giving your body its best chance at good health and optimal function.

Photo credit: Ministry of Health
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