Chiropractic and your Child

At Chiropractic Balance we sometimes get asked why we also offer chiropractic care to babies and children and the answer lies in the motto we live and work by (that you may have seen written on the walls of our practices): “you are designed to be extraordinary – our adjustments and everything we say and do is designed to help you reach that potential”. Over many years of helping in the chiropractic profession I have seen the benefits that regular family chiropractic visits can bring. I have trained with paediatric chiropractors and midwives, and have volunteered my services for the improvement of children’s health in New Zealand, Rarotonga and India. I’m passionate about allowing the younger generations in our community thrive, to keep their bodies working at their best and help set them up for brighter futures. However unfortunately current statistics show that the youth of today may not enjoy as long or healthy lives as their parents.

Why may this be occurring?

In addition to the rise in obesity from poor diets (sugary and processed foods) as well as a change in the exercise and fitness levels of children today compared to previous generations, some scientists are also pointing to the rise in the use of technology and the many hours spent in front of a screen or device. “Digital dementia” is the name given to this growing problem. Watching screens or playing computer games causes a sensory mismatch in the brain such that there’s an over-stimulation of the visual areas but an under-stimulation of the areas responsible for development of higher learning, problem solving, memory, accurate movement, coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. Added to this is the fact that most often children will adopt unhelpful “iHunch” postures and all the health issues slouching brings (for more information read Jacob’s recent blog!). Reports in the USA show that infants on average have two and a half hours of screen time a day and older children as much as seven and a half hours a day. This is considerably higher than the New Zealander Academy of Paediatrics Policy Statement that recommends children under two years of age should not watch television or have exposure to any device. Once over the age of two the policy statement suggests there can be a maximum of 2 hours per day but if any physical, mental, social or academic problems are present then the device and screen time should be restricted to 1 hour per day.

As a health professional this information concerns me because I understand the close relationship between the brain, nervous system and spine and one’s ability to fully participate in life. It is the nervous system that runs and repairs our bodies and governs how we interact with our surroundings. Chiropractors work with the structures of the spine, pelvis and skull because of the delicate and vital nervous system protected within them. Our aim is to bring about better brain-body communication so that your body doesn’t have to resort to other communication mechanisms (pain/symptoms) to get you to pay attention.

Causes or signs of imbalances in your child’s health:

– Difficult birth?

– Difficulties breastfeeding?

– Unsettled or sleep problems?

– Digestive issues, chronic colds, infections or allergies?

– Delays in developmental milestones

– Clumsiness or many falls?

What are we offering?

Spinal and nervous system imbalances may be a result or cause of some of the above mentioned factors and are easily correctable at a younger age. We perform thorough assessments and offer safe, gentle and effective care. We understand that parents have their children’s best interests at heart and are constantly seeking out the best for their physical and mental well-being and optimal development. We want to help too and in order to make it easier for you we will be offering reduced price initial consults for babies and school aged children throughout the upcoming winter school holidays. Our focus will be on checking posture and brain function, as well as making sure the body is strong and balanced for sports season and boosting the immune system for the winter months. Stay tuned for more information in our newsletter and as advertised in house!

Dr. Ali working with school children in India (January 2016) and Rarotonga (July 2015) Dr. Ali working with school children in India (January 2016) and Rarotonga (July 2015)