DIY: Chemically Conscious Cleaning Made Easy

After the birth of my second son Henry, most people had no idea what to give me as a gift. They assumed I had all the big-ticket items and a good supply of boys clothing from Franklin.

Even said, I was a little surprised when my oldest and dearest friend Aimee turned up with the most practical (if not a little boring) present for any mother: Chemically conscious washing powder and laundry soaker from her company Figgy and Co.

Aimee & I back in our 'prime' :)  Aimee & I back in our ‘prime’ 🙂

I thanked her and put it in the cupboard, not giving it a second thought until my current shop bought eco laundry powder ran out. To be honest the word ‘homemade’ and ’cleaning product’ made me think it would probably be less effective so my expectations were not that high.

I was amazed that not only could I use less but the clothes were still getting clean. And then once the newborn poo got going, I got the opportunity to trial the laundry soaker- again I would say it is better than my store bought eco equivalent.

I decided it would be better to support a friend than a big business and asked Aimee if I could buy more of her laundry products. She said they sell the premade versions online or at Commonsense Organics, but it was much more cost effective to buy the bulk ingredients and follow their tried and tested recipes to make your own. Again not something I thought Id ever be interested in but I gave it a go, all it took was a food processor and a big storage jar. Six months ago I ordered the products from the website, for $39 I made so much laundry powder that I have given jars away and have still got about ½ of it left! I think this will last me about a year.

It feels great to not dump unnecessary chemicals into our environment and our bodies. It feels great not to waste so much packaging and it feels great on my pocket.  I have now also tried the bench spray and cream cleanser also with rave results.

I had an assumption that cleaning products have to made up of all sorts of things that we cant pronounce let alone make ourselves. Figgy & Co have shattered this belief and shown me that all cleaning products can be win/win for you, your world and your wallet (and is a little geeky to say that making your own was kind of fun!) They have thought of everyone with their wide range of cleaning products, bulk ingredients and recipes.

Check it out and give it a go!

Disclaimer: This article was written by me as a happy consumer, please check their website for the most accurate info!