A new perspective = A whole new world of Possibilities

In mid 2012 after 4 years in the UK, my husband Tim and I left with a vision: To travel for 9 months, move back to New Zealand, get married, buy our first home, start a family and to start a Chiropractic practice that was focused on empowering our community and beyond to take responsibility for their health in order to have extraordinary lives.

By 2014 we had achieved a lot of this vision, and by 2015 all was going even better than I could have ever dreamed. So you can imagine my suprise when I truly asked myself the question if I was happy and content, and the answer was no.

The problem was I never stopped because I always questioned myself if I could be doing something better, if I could be contributing more to my business, family, community or self? And then when I managed to improve, I still asked if I could improve even further. I was tired and stressed and not feeling like I was doing enough for anyone.

After discussing this with my Chiropractic mentor, he got me to listen to an interviewhe had done with Larry Pearson and it touched on all the issues I had of 'more never being enough'. I found out Larry was involved in Landmark, a series  of seminars that have been running worldwide for 30 years empowering everyday people with the tools they need to live the life they love and live it most powerfully. That sounded like what I was after, within a few days Tim and I were signed up on the next forum in Christchurch.

The Landmark Forum as it is called, is a 3 and a half day event currently run in Auckland and Christchurch that helps you look at your past and discover what is unresolved for you and what stories you tell yourself based on this. Some of my unresolved past had me believing the story "I am not enough". I had been living my life like this was true, always trying to do more but that still would never make me enough. Through their method I started dealing with my past and begun to see all of the amazing things I already had. I was beginning to be content with my life as it was, while still being excited to evolve or grow (rather than always need more!). I saw people over the weekend let go of hate, anger, resentment, and then have a profound reduction in their body aches and pains. It made me think of what a difference this could make for our practice members with chronic pain.

Two of the big focuses for living the life you love are being 100% authentic (always speaking your truth) and 100% in integrity (doing what you say you will). It sounds easy but back in real life I found many challenges like telling someone you are too busy, instead of the truth which is you don't want to go. Telling someone you forgot to do something, when really you just couldn't be bothered. Its some of these little everyday things that add up and make us small, powerless, unhappy and even in physical pain.

I came back to work and was authentic with my practice members. I told them honestly from my heart that they needed to take responsibility for being 30kg overweight, severely stressed out, hating their job or never doing any exercise. Chiropractic can massively help, but you have so much much more potential if you take action too.  And to my surprise I got more compliance and better results. I was learning that when I am authentic people can feel it and give you more respect. My work became a whole lot less stressful, it's amazing what telling the truth can do.

Another one is the story that I would love to ..... (whatever your dream is) BUT.... (all of the excuses why you can't). Mine was I would love to improve the health care system in New Zealand BUT I can't because I don't have enough time and I'm a Mum. I learnt to swap the BUT to AND, for example ' I would love to improve the health care system in New Zealand AND I don't have enough time AND I'm a Mum'. Now it is a different statement all together.

I wanted to know how to make my new statement come to reality, so last weekend Tim and I headed to Auckland for the advanced course which was focused on how to create the future you want. During the course I learnt that any vision for the future (big or small) is difficult and hard work if you attempt it all on your own. I had been trying to do everything in practice myself and believed I couldn't make any more of a difference because I personally didn't have any more time.

However the power of a group is always greater than that of the individuals. What if I begun to collaborate with other like minded people, or developed a team around me to work together? I don't necessarily need to work more hours, but I do need to be a strong leader and take a stand for what I believe. I took action during the course and on Sunday I rung the president of the Chiropractic College who I hadn't spoken to in 10 years, and explained where I was and how I saw that if we could give the tools I was learning from Landmark to all Chiropractic students, we could create strong leaders in healthcare and work together to make a greater impact on the health and quality of life in our country. He was very excited and we are working towards the possibility of having the landmark forum offered to the students. Maybe I can make a difference to health care in NZ.

This is just a small portion of the impact to my life that the tools from landmark has given me. My relationship with my husband has moved to another level, as has my relationship with most of my family members. I have shared with practice members when see they are limiting what they believe is possible for their health and their life, or holding on to chronic pain.

Just like all things this it's not a quick fix I do still need to work on it regularly. I feel very grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn these skills and know that this is all possible for you too. More than 94% of participants reported that the forum made a profound and lasting difference in their life. That is why I am working towards organising an introductory evening here in Wellington for everybody: practice members, family and friends. The details are yet to be confirmed I will keep you in the loop. If you are interested to find out more, please email me drroz@chirobalance.co.nz and check out the landmark website.

Remember you can make a WISH or you can make it HAPPEN.

You are designed to be extraordinary. Our adjustments and everything we do (and share with you) are designed to help you achieve this. Take advantage!

From the team @ChiroBalance. Roz, Jacob, Sandra & Neisha