The True Secret to Long Term Health

Check out the changes at the Mana practice from day one to day seven-hundred-and-thirty

After just two short years at ChiroBalance, we have learnt a lot about health: how people lose health, how they regain health, and how to keep people inspired to maintain long term health.

Although 730 days is not that long in terms of a persons entire lifetime, it is definitely long enough to see significant changes in many of our practice members overall health and quality of life.

Every month hundreds of people come into our two centres and recieve the best Chiropractic care we can deliver (& we are always aiming to be better), combined with as much support as we can give you on Nutrition, Exercise and Wellbeing. So why is it that 2 years down the track Joe is jumping off the walls and has never felt better whilst Jack is burdened with even more health challenges?

There is a consistent difference between the 'Joe's' & the 'Jack's' (and I'm sorry but it's not exciting, it's not sexy, it's not even the latest craze).
You can probably guess: It is your HABITS. Those little things you choose or choose not to do everyday. And what makes the difference is that you can consciously define your habits OR you can let your habits subconsciously define you.

What do the Joe's do? They know that if they keep choosing the same habits, they will keep getting the same results. So they seek advice as to which habits would be helpful to change and they regularly work at consciously defining their habits.

What do the Jack's do? They seek advice as to which habits would be helpful to change, and then come up with reasons why they couldn't change those habits and keep doing the same thing. And we all do this at times (even me). I hear things all the time like:
- I don't have time to make healthy food
- I'm just not a morning person, I can't get up early
- There's no way I'd be able to stretch everyday
- I just can't stick at things
- I have to have my 6 cups of coffee everyday
- I'm a stressy person... etc

Earlier this year I was having a 'Jack' moment. I was consistently tired and realised that I had a habit of going to bed between 10 & 11pm every night. Since this realisation I am working towards a new habit of going to bed between 9 & 10pm. Is it tough? Yes, I have been a night owl since I was born! Do I achieve it every night? No but I'm in bed before 10pm more often than I'm not. Is it making a difference? Absolutely.

Swhat's the true secret to long term health? 

After two years we are proud to have many Joe's as practice members. They are the ones who now say 'How can I make this work in my life?' rather than 'This can't work in my life'.

I was at a conference in Queenstown two weeks ago and the latest research shows the massive importance of full joint and muscle movement for maximum brain function and long term health. I am starting to see the accumulative effect of just two years of regular chiropractic care for many practice members. And the ones who combine this with lifestyle habits do even better.

Most of the best outcomes we get aren't overnight miracles, they are practice members who consciously make small accumulative changes to their everyday habits over time.
The biggest question is will you consciously define your habits OR will you let your habits subconsciously define you?
Gees I'm excited to see what 10 years of Chiro care and healthy lifestyle habits can achieve!