Chiropractic Balance is (almost) open for business in Porirua NZ

Chiropractic Balance is (almost) open for business in Porirua NZ

At the beginning of May Chiropractic Balance will open its doors to help people get their spine and life in balance in Porirua NZ!

About us in Porirua NZ

I'm your Chiropractor and Wellness expert, Dr Roz Griffiths. After 5 years working in England, Ireland and volunteering in Haiti and Dominican Republic, I am back in my home city to help the people of the Wellington region.

I have a passion for helping people get their spines in balance to regain health and get rid of unwanted back pain. But I'm also super excited to combine this with showing you that a healthy lifestyle is easy and Ill be there to help you over every hurdle.

I have chosen a weathervane as my logo, a representation of the Wellington wind, and also to show the different aspects of getting you back in balance- N for Nutrition, E for Exercise, S for Structure and W for Well-Being. Which direction are you going with your health? Contact us if you want some help getting there. Look forward to meeting you!